Yatchmaster II - 116680

There are two Rolex that are competing for the title "most complex". On one hand you have the SkyDweller with its offset GMT and Annual calendar. On the other hand you have this, the Yatchmaster II. What makes this watch so special? First, the size. This is one of Rolex´s biggest watches. Clocking(pun very much intended) in at 44mm. This is also where Rolex started to incorporate something truly special, the command bezel. The bezel works like a crown nr 2 and you can choose which mode the watch is set to. It also has a regatta timer(a type of chronograph) that you can "program". Are there 7 minutes until the race starts, just set the watch to count down from 7, thats it. Its worth noting that this is all mechanical! An fantastic watch, with an incredible function, although most of us are just going to use it to time our eggs. Own one of the most impressive Rolexes today! The watch was originally purchased in Norway
NOK 145 000 - used
Ref. nummer :
Year :
Case size(mm) :
Case material :
Bezel :
Blue ceramic
Bracelet/strap :
Steel bracelet
Dial :
Movement :
Funksjoner :
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