Daytona 16520

The 16520 or "Zenithtona" as it is affectionately called by Rolex fans is the first modern day Daytona. It was the first self winding Daytona(based on a Zenith movement hence the nickname), it was the first Daytona with sapphire glass and the first Daytona with the look we associate with the Daytona today. The watch was a immediate success on its launch in 1988 being almost as difficult to get ahold of as a modern Daytona is today. The watch has a more subdued look than its successor even though they look almost the same. Remember with Rolex its the small details. The number one feature(apart from the movement) that stands out is the dial. This being more similar to the modern day Daytona. All the factors of this watch make it a piece truly worth owning and I would not be surprised if in 10-15 years these are the watches fetching enormous sums at auction.
NOK 159 000 - used
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